10 Beauty Rituals Some Wish Were Banned


beauty rituals that should be bannedBrazilians (the wax, not the people), threading, tweezing...all things I hate to do, but I like results.

However, there are some beauty rituals that some think should be banned and Elle magazine does a great job at pointing them out.

  1. Chemical peels (Too extreme, sometimes burns skin.)
  2. Bad toupees
  3. Male chest waxing
  4. Colon cleansing
  5. Removal of pinky toe (People do this?! What happens when you wear sandals?)
  6. Really long acrylic nails
  7. Eye-liner tattooing
  8. Collagen foot injections (into balls of the feet for more cushion)
  9. Extreme tanning
  10. Abusive spa treatments (The Platza procedure is an actual beating with leaves.)

I have considered eye-liner tattooing, but I cannot imagine a tattoo needle that close to my eye. I've tried colon cleansing and oh my gosh it was the worst. Though I have friends who love it. And collagen foot injections sound good to me...but I would never spend money on that.

Check out Elle's feature on these beauty rituals that should be banned for photos and more commentary.

Tell me...would you get any of these procedures? Have you?


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thisn... thisnametaken

Why shouldn't men get their chest waxed?  We get our hoo ha's waxed.  Should only women have to feel hair ripping pain?  I think not.  LOL

Brand... BrandyBaby22

People actually get collagen foot injections? weird, and it sounds like it would hurt.

Peajewel Peajewel

Never having to apply eye liner again does sound great doesn't it?  Plus it would never smudge under your eye if you are crying, swimming, sweating or sometimes just breathing.  But I too am quite nervous of a needle that close to my eye!  Yikes!

ACsLady ACsLady

What is up with the pinky toe removal??? I'd never heard of that before...what's the point?!

I'd never get any of this done...

TheLi... TheLilMermaid

I have to disagree on the chemical peels, they make your skin look so beautiful!! It is definetly a do! It gets rid of any discolorations and dead skin, and can even undo sun damage and acne scars.

ColieO ColieO

My friend has eye liner tattooed on. Didn't hurt her and she has NO pain tolerance. Looks good and she loves being able to get up and go without having to do it.

I personally hate chest hair on men. Looks gross.

Colon cleansing can be very helpful, though gross. My brother has to do a variant of it once a month or he gets extremely sick.


Lumin... LuminousMom

I would get a chemical peel.. but only from a dermatologist.

Leesh... Leeshamak

Really? I'd probably never get any of those things done other than a chemical peel... and I would hide out for a week after I had it done;) Once, a lady came into the cosmetic area looking for something to cover the redness caused by a chem peel~ get this.... because she got it done a week b4 her only daughter's wedding! (What is wrong with some ppl?) Her skin looked like raw meat....

Tattooing of eyebrows is pretty popular around here with a certain group~ the only thing I would tell them is to wear sunscreen~ because otherwise the tattoo turns green! 

Loa1002 Loa1002

colon cleansing is great especially if you dont eat all organic and who can do that on todays economy. lol

katzm... katzmeow726

I could never do the tattooing. You'd always have to wear makeup or it would look weird!  As for the rest of those, no thanks ladies.  LOL!

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