Jennifer Lopez Gets Bangs

Jennifer Lopez bangs

Photo by Jun Sato/WireImage courtesy of InStyle

Dear Jennifer Lopez,

I used to want to be a Fly Girl on In Living Color -- I thought you were super cool even back then.

And I loved you in that movie Out of Sight. George Clooney was a good time in that one as well.

You're from NYC, just like me, and you used to ride the 6 train -- I do too!

And now you have bangs. They look amazing on you. But after several attempts, I am not a bangs girl.


I can do the side swept bang, but not the straight on. But I have to say...I adore them on you. You have the perfect forehead for them.



Want hair like J. Lo? InStyle's Daily Beauty Flash has some tips on how to work the shaggy layered with bangs look.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez' new hairstyle?




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