Madonna's Malawi Look

Madonna Malawi adoption

Photo by Darren Fletcher/Zuma

courtesy of InStyle

Madonna is in Malawi trying to adopt another baby. Check her out in this photo taken while she was in southeast Africa with her adopted son David, who is also from the country.

We don't have to get into the discussion about her adoption, but here on Beauty & Style Buzz, we need to talk about her outfit.


InStyle magazine featured the Material Mom in Daily Hot Shots and took note of David's guitar. How cute!

But what is this outfit Madge is wearing?

There's a whole lot of look going on. Camo pants with knee high army boots. Malawi Love t-shirt, which is super cute, but the whole look together kind of throws me off. Thankfully she was photographed with that printed red scarf in her hand and not around her neck. She kind of looks like she's ready for battle. And in a way she is -- her adoption request was denied. Rumor is that she's appealing.

What do you think of Madonna's look?

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