Would You Tell Her She Looks Bad?

Are you honest? Really honest? In person honest, not just in a virtually anonymous internet world. What if your friend asked your opinion on an outfit. And it looked bad. Really unflattering. Would you tell her?

Now what if it was a stranger? Would you feel compelled to help a lady out?


An anonymous CafeMom asked what other ladies honestly think when they see a woman wearing clothes she really shouldn't be wearing.

Now we can debate what a woman should or shouldn't wear for hours, but let's just say it's something unflattering, outrageous, and undoubtedly inappropriate.

This CafeMom's husband wants her to wear more revealing clothes -- clothes that she thinks she shouldn't be wearing. So she wanted to know what others thought when they saw a woman wearing something she "shouldn't" wear.

There's no doubt that there is a lot more to this, but let's just focus on wearing clothes that makes the wearer (or those who see her) uncomfortable.

What are your thoughts? Would you tell a woman she looked bad if she was wearing an inappropriate outfit?

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