Donna Karan's $595 Jeans

Donna Karan $595 jeans

Photo from Neiman Marcus

Yes, you read that right -- $595.00. For jeans. One pair.

My current favorite pair of jeans are $12.50 from Forever 21. But I will admit...I used to only be able to fit into jeans with a big price tag. Yet, they never were that much over $100. Now though, I feel like more and more inexpensive retailers are making better jeans. So why did designer Donna Karan craft denim that costs more than the average monthly car payment?


I'm not sure. But they are supposed to be some of the most flattering jeans you could put on. The New York Post featured an interview with Karan where she shares that the hardware trim is desinged by jeweler Robert Lee Morris, the buttons are put on by hand, and there are inspirational messages on the inside of the pockets.

Donna Karan $595 jeans

Photo from Neiman Marcus

They are made of Italian denim and bias-cut to accentuate curves in a good way and flatter your figure with slimming features. There are no side seams, so your legs looks long and lean.

OK. Sounds good. But we're in a recession. Who can afford these?

What are your thoughts on Donna Karan's $595 jeans?


Available at Neiman Marcus

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