Shopping & Drinking: Do They Go Together Well?

drinking and shopping

Photo from Kesner

I've heard of laundromats that sell drinks -- places you can wash your clothes and have a cocktail (perhaps dangerous -- what if you wash your inky denim with a white shirt?), but I just found out about a clothing store that offers patrons a beer...or two or five, while trying on clothes. And the beer is free! Drunk shopping. Now that cannot be good. 


The Wall Street Journal wrote about the store Lost Boys in Washington, DC -- it's a boutique for men that is trying to get the boys (or lost boys shall we say) to shop like us. You know, take time to shop and not run in and out really fast. The more time you spend somewhere, the more likely you'll spend more money.

The guys who shop at places like this say they are more relaxed and therefore can shop better. There are other boutiques that offer libations, like Tom Ford who has butler service and there's a full bar at Kesner in NYC. Some booze definitely takes the edge off shopping.

What do you think? Should women's boutiques offer cocktails while you shop?

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