Sensible Heels Just In Time for Spring

spring shoes

Photo from Target

My hubs and I were on a mini road trip last week and we had to stop in a store to get some things, so we went into Target since it had what we needed -- mainly soap and a boardgame. Oh and some sensible spring shoes. But he didn't know that yet.

He asked me before we went in if I had to look at the clothes. Apparently he forgot my love of Tar-jaay. Oh honey, yes, I told him. And the shoe department, too. That's where I found these -- the pair I had checked out online but wasn't sure if I would like in person.


I loved the Mossimo Supply Co. Windi Heeled Sandal in Olive ($19.99) in person and they were super comfortable. OK...comfy if you wear heels. Plus they have this vintage appeal to them.

I've been kind of obsessed in finding the perfect spring shoe. Something for everyday, that I can wear with jeans and a dress, yet something not too fancy schmancy. Thankfully I found them and they didn't cost that much.

Oh and hubs...he wasn't cranky after our Target shopping experience -- for once I was quick and had no trouble deciding what I wanted.

Do you prefer to shop alone? What spring item do you want most?

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