Do You Like My Makeover?

I had big hair in the 80s. No. Let me explain. Really big hair. Yeah. Bigger than that. No. Bigger.

I hated getting my hair wet in the pool. Despised haircuts and thought flat hair was totally grody, gag me with a spoon gross. 

Just for fun, I decided to give myself an 80s with InStyle's Hollywood Makeover tool that added makeup since the last time I spent about two hours trying on different hair looks. Oh it's addicting!

Here's me with 80s hair, highlighted with red and low lighted with blonde. I'm also wearing some awesome makeup -- see my orange and blue/green eyeshadow?

OK, want to see the real me in the 80s?


Go on. Laugh all you want. It's quite funny.

This is me at my Sweet 16. Don't I look older than that? See what too much Aqua Net does?

As those of you who have checked out my CafeMom profile know, my hair is Aqua Net free, and would be called flat by the 1980s me.

Also, I am no longer afraid to get my hair wet in the pool. I've overcome other hurdles as well since then.

Want to see yourself with a new hair and makeup look? You can check out InStyle's New Hollywood Makeover feature. You don't have to 80s yourself either.

And since I shared with you, tell me a look you once thought was so totally cool, but has since gone very out of style.

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