Banana Clips: Hot New Hair Accessory!

banana clips

Photo from Cover Your Hair

Like, you know how it's so very annoying to wear a ponytail? You know, it, like, makes your hair look short if you have a lot of layers. Well, there's this totally awesome new hair accessory that will clip back even the most layered locks for a super rad new look. It works great on long hair, too. Makes it look like a horse's mane. It's called the banana clip!



This plastic clip gets its name because it's shaped like a banana...with teeth! Well, of course they aren't real teeth. Like, duh! The teeth get all your hair together for a bodacious ponytail. They sell them in all colors, even neon green -- it's only, like, the most wicked color eva. 

Toss your scrunchie to the cub and tell your buds about this bangin' new product -- it's the bomb!

Oh and sike! April Fool's!

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