Oil Absorbing Sheets -- I Can't Live Without You

oil blotting sheets

Photo from Drugstore.com

Oily skin isn't a cute look. I blame mine on my dad who has super oily skin, though my mom points out that slick skin gets less wrinkles. Got to love mom for seeing the positive.

Years ago I discovered Shiseido Pureness Oil-Control Blotting Paper ($17). Pricey! But this was before I found ones that worked just as well and were cheaper.


When Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets ($4.76 from Drugstore.com) came out, I was so happy. Even happier now that other drugstores have imitations that are identical and cheaper!

The only thing I liked better about the Shiseido ones is that it left behind a light powder to further reduce shine and they can be crumbled up (like paper) into a ball. I tie the Clean & Clear sheets in a knot or else they get stuck on the side of the garbage pail. Gross.

Another tip I learned is to use the toilet seat cover sheets found in public bathrooms. OK, I know...it's not like you're going to buy these. But when I use the bathroom at work, I use a piece of this paper instead of using a tissue or a piece of toilet paper to remove excess oil. It works!

Do you use oil blotting sheets? What's your favorite brand?

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