How Do You Tan?


tanningAn old work colleague of mine once admitted to me that she was a tanorexic. There was a time when I had a problem too. Back when I was a teen, I used baby oil during a sun-filled week at the Jersey shore. My seriously bad sunburn helped me stop that bad habit.

I used to tan the old fashioned way -- by laying out. I've been on a tanning bed once, but felt too claustrophobic. Now I just use some self-tanning lotion to add some color to my nearly translucent skin.

CafeMom Tiasmommy posted a poll in the All About Hair And Makeup Group asking moms how they tan. The answers might surprise you.

When I last checked, there were 91 responses:

  • 36 percent said they use a tanning bed.
  • 19 percent lay out in the sun.
  • 18 percent said they use tanning creams or lotions. 
  • 7 percent said spray tan.
  • 17 percent said other.

Most of the "other" responses said they don't tan at all and keep their skin their natural color.

Tanning for hours in the sun without sunscreen isn't good for you -- it isn't even good with protection from the sun for long periods of time. We also know tanning beds aren't that safe either. Maybe that's why Lindsay Lohan (perhaps a tanorexic) has a spray tan line coming out.

How do you tan?

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wally... wallylicious

I am a recovering tanaholic.

I haven't used a tanning bed in 11 months. I finally decided that my health, my skin's condition,  and my tattoos were more important than that wonderful brown baked look.

I don't miss it a bit!

marin... marinewife26

I tan in beds and in the sun!  I know about the risks and my future wrinkles.  I tan in tanning beds a few times a month in the winter, then in the spring I go about 3 times a week, and I tan poolside or while doing yardwork in the summer and then jump in the bed to even my tan lines.  I love how I feel being tan and I live for the moment and if I avoided anything and everything that COULD give me cancer or a wrinkle then I wouldn't be eating half the foods I eat, smiling, laughing, going outside with pollutants, and so on. 

BatGi... BatGirl1415

I have a "moon" tan. :-)

spast... spastic_poodle

I never intentionally tan haha.  I wear sunscreen on my face, neck, chest, and tops of my hands even in the winter.  I come from wrinkly people and I don't want be more wrinkled than my genes would have me be.

TheLi... TheLilMermaid

Spray tan or self tanner here!! I don't want wrinkles and skin cancer!

TheLi... TheLilMermaid

Oh yeah and I am also a sunscreen junkie. I am only 28 but I want to look young forever. So far, so good LOL

colon... colonymom

i've always worn sunblock, but I started looking into ingrediants on everything once I got celiac disease (gluten is everywhere) and just decided to go with all natural skin care. I now ONLY use Burts Bees natural sun care line.

Madam... MadameGarlic

I try to avoid tanning. I am 55 and naturally light blonde, so am concerned about cancer. Luckily, I have no wrinkles! So you younger women who don't try to tan have something to look forward to!

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