Sneaky Way to Wear Braids in Your Hair

Braids can be tricky to achieve. What if you have thin hair or the braid takes over your head and just looks weird?

The girls on MTV's The City and The Hills wear them effortlessly, Jennifer Aniston wore one at the Oscar's, and I've tried it but it just doesn't always work out as planned.

Well, I found a way to make it work.


Hair extensions!

I have the Jessica Simpson ones and the individual strands of Pop On Pieces. I braided one of the pieces of hair so I can have a thick braid. Then I clipped it in on the sides, so it sits where a headband would be. Insta-braid without disrupting my real hair.

I also bought an headband that is made of braided hair (or synthetic hair). My only issue with that one is that the band goes all the way around my head and it annoys me. I like being able to clip it in on the sides better.

You can purchase individual pieces of hair at beauty supply stores for cheap, then braid it, and wear in your hair.

Oh, and shhh...don't tell anyone my braid isn't real. wink mini

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