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Jenna McCarthy and I go way back...though we never met in person. Years ago we worked together on a little thing where we both talked about sex. Yowsa! Last year, Jenna's book The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties reminded me of how funny and great a writer she is -- and she's super cool, even offering up some super mom style tips.

I wanted to turn the spotlight on her, though you can see her beautiful family in the photo above. Yes, she loves hats. But she also shares she's a high heel girl (my sister in shoe), the color she'll never ever wear, and you'll never believe what she refers to as "fake eyelashes for legs".

Michele: What's your signature style?

Jenna: I like classic but funky basics and I never wear prints. OK, maybe a printed skirt on occasion, but I am all about solids. I adore accessories and I think a great belt and bag makes any plain outfit look instantly chic. My "uniform" is jeans and a layered tee look, with the hem of a tank peeking through under a long sleeve tee. I do not wear button-up tops EVER! I like super-low jeans and big, funky belts. I have two Nacona belts -- they are these awesome studded things with elaborate, ginormous buckles that cost a fortune, but I wear them both so much they have more than paid for themselves.

M: What's your favorite article of clothing?

J: I'm a hat girl. I buy a hat on every trip I take, so they're sort of like wearable souvenirs. The only kind I can't wear are beanies -- everything else is fair game. I have dozens, from a big furry leopard hat I got in Paris to a cowboy hat studded with rhinestones and funky appliqués that I picked up in Austin. I love them because, like a fun belt, they can transform any plain outfit into something new and unique. But more than anything, I love them because I am totally lazy and hate blow-drying my hair. Seriously, how pathetic is that? I love pulling my hair into a messy twist or ponytail and throwing on a hat and then pulling a few random strands of hair out. I get to hide my bedhead, get out the door in a flash, and still feel pulled together. It's a triple-win!

M: Do you have a style icon?

J: I have a friend from Denmark, Pernille, who will wear a fuchsia sweater with lime-green jeans and tangerine flats. No matter what random separates she pulls together, she always looks fantastic -- in a very fun and carefree way. I aspire to be her.

M: What's your favorite color to wear?

J: I love head-to-toe white: White jeans and a white tee with one of my Nacona belts and, of course, a hat. I guess I'm kind of boring. I'll never be Pernille!

M: What color would you never wear?

J: Royal blue. Yuck.

M: Heels or flats?

J: Heels all the way. Even my flip-flops have to have a little lift. I'm on the taller side -- almost five-eight -- but my hubby is 6' 3" and I hate looking into his chest. And it's a great chest, don't get me wrong. I just like being tall.

M: It's Friday, you have a sitter, and a fancy night out on the town with a friend or your husband. What do you wear?

J: Either my super-low, dark wash True Religion jeans and a fitted black tee or tank with skyscraper heels. Or a pencil skirt and a cropped fitted jacket with fishnets and boots. I buy fishnets like they're going out of style. They're like fake eyelashes for your legs.

Fishnets really do make legs look good! Don't you think?

Thanks, Jenna!

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jbo2 jbo2

One of the funniest personalities out there.  What a fun interview!  She's tall, she's lucky she can wear hats.  I look like I got squashed even more if I put a hat on my 5'2 curvy momma frame.  I adore her and her writing..Thanks for the posting!

nonmember avatar Kim Plumley

Love, love, love Jenna. She makes me laugh - but I think she has a hair fetish thing going on :). Oh and fishnets on my legs would look like jello trying to escape from a mesh bag - not pretty!

jbo2 jbo2

omg kim, that is so funny! i can relate!

Fista... Fistandantalus

Hey, if you can afford to have style, go for it sez I.

Pernille Pernille

YOU MADE MY DAY...what a compliment to get from YOU!

YOU are the best dressed SB mom - I say this with honesty, you kow I hate cheesy stuff!
First of all; I learned my hat fettish from you. I always have bedhead - and you NEVER have at when I figured out why, I started spending the big bucks on HATS!
Second: I LOVE LOVE wearing all WHITE
Third: I very rarely buy prints...

Finding new things every day that we have in commom.....

Lumin... LuminousMom

LOL LOL LOL @ Oh and fishnets on my legs would look like jello trying to escape from a mesh bag - not pretty!

dovet... dovetailthreads

ROFL - fishnets on my legs would look like jello trying to escape from a mesh bag...LOL  Ok, that was the most awesome description ever!

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