My Favorite Vintage Shop Find


african bead necklaceSome of my in-laws live in New Orleans. The hubs and I even got married in the French Quarter. I love it there -- it's on my top five places to visit.

When I was visiting in February, my sister-in-law Alice and my friend Kim both suggested I check out Retroactive, a vintage shop just a block away from my mother-in-law's house.

Retroactive lived up to the hype. I wanted so many things there and I bought this necklace.

The shop owner told me it's from Africa circa 1950s. I bought it for $40 and it's my most favorite piece of jewelry I own (beside my wedding ring).

Vintage shopping is a great way to find one-of-a-kind items. I know KnoxvilleDoula has a collection of vintage raincoats found in thrift stores. I think I need to get myself to Tennessee and she can give me the scoop on great shops to visit. Plus my niece's name is Tennessee, so I'm sure I could find some really cute things with her name on them.

Update: KnoxvilleDoula posted some amazing photos from an all vintage store photoshoot in her Journal. Check it out!

Tell me about your favorite vintage find!

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critt... crittermomma

Ooooh.  SO pretty and very unique.  A great find.  My best find is always old photos.  I love the ones with children and pets.

Knoxv... KnoxvilleDoula

Michele, PLEASE come here!! I would take you to all of our many, many thrift stores and vintage shops!! We would have a blast beyond compare!! :)

Just yesterday, another Cafemom, Monicasbelly, and I did a makeover and photoshoot -- featuring some of my vintage items, including the spring coats! Watch for photos!!

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ husband collects old photos from thrift shops. Always a great find!

KnoxvilleDoula...I cannot wait to see the photos! Also cannot wait to come to TN!

fairy... fairymom2316

I'm embarassed to say that I have never been to a vintage shop, BUT, I have been wanting to go to one! Just not sure where to look?

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