Julia Roberts vs. Calista Flockhart

Julia Roberts

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty

Calista Flockhart

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Julia Roberts has a new movie out called Duplicity, which also stars the oh-so hunky Clive Owen. I never go to the movies, so I'll wait for that one to come out on Netflix. 

I used to love the show Ally McBeal and have liked Calista Flockhart ever since. She's making headlines now too -- her longtime love Harrison Ford popped the question!

In these photos (and maybe in real life, too), these mamas wear the pants. Who wears it better?


Julia's in a black suit and has on a black silky top underneath. Her hair is pinned up and I love her simple gold hoops.

Calista is wearing super dark jeans with a silky tunic accented with a two strand belt. She's got that adorable beachy/messy hair look.

Both women seem to have the most beautiful skin.

Who looks better?

Which outfit would you wear?


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