How to Avoid Bubbles in Nail Polish


how to get rid of bubble in nail polishI like bubbles in my bath, but not in my nail polish. How frustrating is that? You finally make time to polish your nails, only to have bubbles mess it up. Been there.

CafeMom SilverFire85 asked the community how she can avoid bubbles in nail polish and now I've got some answers.

  • emmetsmom09 suggests that the polish may be too thick, causing bubbles. She says to add a little nail polish remover to the polish to make it thinner.
  • marinewife26 shares that her manicurist always rubs the bottle of polish back and forth between her hands -- never shake it. Shaking can cause bubbles.
  • My grandma used to keep her polish in the refrigerator. That goes along with ria7's advice to keep polish out of the heat. 
  • I've also heard that you should wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second to avoid bubbles.

Have any other suggestions to share?

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milmi... milmiracle

At home my big sisters taught me to put a little tiny bit of nail polish remover into the polish, it used to work good.

timel... timelessglass

I was a nail tech for about two years.  I noticed the bubbles showed up in the summer time more than any other.  Heat is a culprit, for sure.


nonmember avatar Christine

When applying nail polish, avoid blowing wind circulating in the room like from an electric fan or airconditioner directed towards you. The wind causes loads of bubbles to appear on your polish when it dries.

nonmember avatar Lani

You should NOT put nail polish REMOVER to thin nail polish. Instead, use nail polish THINNER. Remover destroys nail polish, while thinner will restore what has evaporated.

nonmember avatar Sylvie

2 problems with your recommandation. Never put nail polish in refrigerator and never put remover to thin a nail polish. Use thinner and not remover.

nonmember avatar ProNailPainter

Nail polish remover DOES NOT BELONG IN NAIL POLISH. You will ruin nail polish this way. Use nail polish thinner, made especially for thinning nail polish. It works in all brands, colors, types.

nonmember avatar yna

what i do to prevent bubbles is put scotch tape on a piece of old newspaper to avoid it sinking through and add a few drops of nail polish and one drop of nail polish remover. DO NOT put nail polish remover in the whole bottle, it'll ruin it.

nonmember avatar Thin Nail Polis

Got to agree with a lot of other people here - never put remover in polish to thin it. It ruins it!

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