How to Avoid Bubbles in Nail Polish

how to get rid of bubble in nail polishI like bubbles in my bath, but not in my nail polish. How frustrating is that? You finally make time to polish your nails, only to have bubbles mess it up. Been there.

CafeMom SilverFire85 asked the community how she can avoid bubbles in nail polish and now I've got some answers.

  • emmetsmom09 suggests that the polish may be too thick, causing bubbles. She says to add a little nail polish remover to the polish to make it thinner.
  • marinewife26 shares that her manicurist always rubs the bottle of polish back and forth between her hands -- never shake it. Shaking can cause bubbles.
  • My grandma used to keep her polish in the refrigerator. That goes along with ria7's advice to keep polish out of the heat. 
  • I've also heard that you should wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second to avoid bubbles.

Have any other suggestions to share?

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