A Miracle in a Two Ounce Bottle?

I was just checking out my cuticles and noticing how very dry they were, so I reached for the two ounce bottle of Bio-Oil sitting next to me and massaged it in. No more dry cuticles, no oily residue, and what a soft and pretty scent! I know what you're thinking...what the heck is Bio-Oil? Is it something that McCain and Obama will discuss? And is using it going to increase our foreign dependence?


Bio-Oil is a foreign oil...it comes to us from South Africa where it was wildly popular (though highly doubt the Presidential candidates will be discussing it). It nourishes your skin with chamomile extract, vitamins A and E, along with calendula, lavender, and rosemary oils through PurCellin Oil, and it's all natural.

You can use it to lighten scars and stretch marks, and help fix uneven skin tone. I can say it's a great moisturizer and isn't greasy at all, but you are only supposed to use a very little bit since it is an oil.

For scars and stretch marks, it isn't an instant cure-all...so you have to give it time to work. They recommend three months. What's also great is that it is safe to use while pregnant, so you can keep your body moisturized as a preventative measure to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

A lot of CafeMoms were wondering about Bio-Oil, too. Iksa asked if anyone had tried Bio-Oil and guam_mama said it helped her stretch marks after her second pregnancy and on her son's scar after he had his appendix removed. In the Pregnancy group, sexymomtobe530 also asked about the supposed miracle oil and there were mixed reviews but lovemy918 says that it lightened up her deep stretch marks. There are other discussions going on in Due in November 2008 and All About Hair and Makeup.

You can buy Bio-Oil at Walgreen's and Drugstore.com for $11.99.

What do you think? Have you tried Bio-Oil? Have you had success with the product?

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