Lipgloss That Gets Men Naked

pocket rocket lip gloss urban decay

Photo from Sephora

One year for my birthday my friend Valerie gave me a pen that had a hunky photo of a guy in a suit. When you turn the pen down to write with it, the guy's clothes come off and he was...naked! Loved it -- and I still have the pen even though it's out of ink. 

Urban Decay has a new lipgloss called Pocket Rocket ($19) that has the same feature, only with a turn of the wrist, the guy's clothes slink away leaving him in his skivvies.


Pocket Rocket offers eight different men to choose from (meaning eight different shades of lipgloss) -- Eric's a long-haired guy in a tux, James is a hipster, and Julio...well, he's a dad with a little baby girl in his arms. OK...what? I'm hoping he just strips to his boxers and nothing too bikini-esque. I think he looks like a boxers type, don't you? I like the shade he represents -- sheer with iridescent sparkle.

What do you think of Pocket Rocket lipgloss?

What shade (man) would you get?


From top left: David, Doug, Eric, James                                          


From top right: Jesse, Julio, Kirk, Timothy






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