Can I Rationalize Buying These Shoes?

sexy shoes

Photo from Shopbop

Ya'll already know I'm a shoe junkie and this pair made me a bit dizzy with excitement.

I'm so excited I said ya'll. I never say ya'll. I'm from New York. My Southern in-laws are wearing off on me.

I found these while checking out the sale section of Shopbop. Oh Shopbop, how I love you so but you are so darn expensive I can't afford any part of you, not even most of the sale section! But I still look in hopes of maybe finding that special piece that will effortlessly work its way into my wardrobe and be that staple I didn't know how I lived without -- something I would wear so much, I would really get my money's worth.

Could these shoes be it?


Here's the checklist:

*Would I wear them with jeans? Yes. Yes, I would.

*Would I wear them with a dress? Yes, a fancy one. Or a simple black one.

*Do they match a lot of items? Yes, they come in whiskey, red, and black. Whiskey as a color -- I love it!

*Are they practical? Meep. They are not.

I'm sorry Alexandra Neel Androgyne Lace Back Plaform Pump, but I can't have you. Even though you are 70 percent off your original price, you are still $202.50, and you didn't pass my ever-important check list. But thanks for being so sexy.


















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