Counterfeit Bag Buyers Held Hostage

counterfeit bag buyers hostage

Photo from Balenciaga

The real deal. Cost: $1,745

I live in NYC and we're known for a lot of things -- good pizza, great bagels, and counterfeit bags. The people who sell fake Gucci, Prada, and Dooney are everywhere from Canal St. to Times Square.

I'll admit I own a fake Balenciaga.

But when I read on Gothamist that some counterfeit bag buyers were held hostage I freaked out! What the heck is going on?


Some counterfeit bag sellers operate out of vans -- they have mini stores set up with the bags lining the walls of the car. You can get in the van (it's parked) to shop. Apparently a police raid happened when one vendor had customers inside, so he locked them in for two hours in an attempt to avoid the cops!

The two customers-turned-hostages weren't harmed. I wonder if they got some free bags out of it? In the end, the vendor was not only charged with selling counterfeit merchandise, but unlawful imprisonment as well.

This makes me re-think my shopping habits.

Do you own a counterfeit bag?

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