Fill in the Blank: My Makeup Looks Like _____.

You ever have an ah-ha moment about your makeup? I did. Many times.

Years and years ago, while out on a dinner date, this guy said to me, "Have you ever thought about wearing some light pink lipstick?" I swear, he really asked me this. Super dark lipstick was my signature style at the time.

I was so angry, I could barely eat my food. I knew the whole time this was going to be the last date, but I kept my cool considering we took his car and I needed a ride home.

Though I was really ticked off, he made me would I look with light pink lipstick?


The answer is "bad." Not my color. Not my kind of guy, either. But I did start thinking about other shades besides my almost black red.

To this day, I still like wearing a dark lipstick every now and again. I like the drama of it. But there are so many looks of makeup that work well on different women.

So let's play this game. Right now. I'll go first.

My makeup looks like I need a touch up!

I just ate some breakfast and my lipstick is all gone and I could use a blotting sheet.

Your turn!

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