How to Trim Your Own Bangs

Photo from Peajewel

Perfect bangs!

When I was a kid, my mom used to trim my bangs. My sister's, too. There are school photos where our hair was as crooked as our teeth (this was pre-braces). Oh mom! Love you so, but a hairdresser you were not.

One time when getting my haircut, I told my stylist how I cut my own bangs. I thought  she would be mad, but she told me I did a pretty good job...though she reminded me that I could go in for a free bang trim. I never do -- who has the time? She did share some other tips with me on how to trim my own bangs. It's a great skill to know to prolong your haircut. Plus, if you cut your daughter's bangs, she won't end up looking like me in my 4th grade class photo.

  • Trim bangs when hair is dry. Wet hair is longer -- if it's dry you can see exactly how short to go.
  • Visualize hair as it hangs naturally how much needs to be trimmed. Smooth bangs in hands and pull bangs down, holding between pointer and middle fingers, and pull away from the face.
  • Hold the scissors with the tips pointing up and at an angle and snip small sections at a time. Don't cut straight across.
  • It's best to trim less and then review when you are done to see if you need to trim a little more. 

Have any other tips to share on trimming your own bangs? Please share!

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