Evolence: Pigs Can Help Us Get Rid of Wrinkles


Photo from Evolence

Last night while eating some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies out of the oven (oh they were good), I head the local newscaster say that coming up next was a new cosmetic procedure that uses pig fat. Um...what?

I did write about how women with chubby cheeks appear younger, but would you put a farm animal's fat in your face? Then again, Botox is a toxic protein, so I guess pig parts are better. I really don't know. So I grabbed another cookie and waited to see how this story unfolded.


The product is called Evolence and according to the website, it "replaces the collagen you lost with collagen that lasts." The doctor on the TV said something about how pigs and humans have similar tissue, it costs about $700, gets rid of your laugh lines and other saggy spots on the face, and lasts for longer than the other cosmetic procedures available -- over a year.

What do you think of Evolence? Would you try it?


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