Coconut Oil Nourishes Skin & Hair


Last night on America's Next Top Model, Miss J (I think it was him) asked one of the contestants if she had ashy knees. The camera panned down and it looked like she needed some lotion. With spring almost here and more skirts being worn, we've got to make sure our skin is ready and healthy.

Coconut oil does a body good and it doesn't just work well on nourishing your skin, it's great for your hair, too. Recipe time!

CafeMom sungreen13's post in the Homemade Goodness Group reminded me that coconut oil is one of the best beauty secrets from mother nature.

It can be oily, so that means it's perfect for a massage oil -- great to get the mood ready for baby making. Small amounts can be used as a moisturizer. It really soaks into the skin, preventing dryness and flaking. It's also been known to help with some skin issues like dermatitis and eczema. Use at night to really let your body soak in the benefits or if you use during the day, you'll want to wash your hands so they aren't that greasy.

For a body lotion or massage oil, use:

  • 100 percent extra virgin coconut oil
  • You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil like lavender or Egyptian Musk to give it more of a scent.
  • Note: Great for super dry areas like knees, cuticles, feet, and great for all over, but using too much will make you feel oily.

Have dry hair or dandruff? Coconut oil will help condition and nourish damaged hair. I like to use a little on my ends once in a while to keep them well moisturized.

For a hair treatment, use:

  • 100 percent extra virgin coconut oil
  • Use only a dime size amount for hair and massage into ends or roots depending on where needed.

Also check out this DIY body scrub that contains coconut oil.

Have you used coconut oil as a skin or hair moisturizer? Share your results!

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krist... kristie190

cool I was just looking for something for my hair!!!

bablo... bablondie

Coconut oil is awesome for hair and dry scalp. It's awesome on my daughter's Pilaris (chicken bumps) on her arms. After using it eveyr other day for 2 weeks, her bumps will disappear or reduce.

Lumin... LuminousMom

I use it as a body scrub, just mix with kosher salt or pure cane sugar (such as sugar in the raw) and store it in an airtight jar. Works really well! My uncle swears by Coconut oil helping to prolong his life.. he has hepatitis and was told 8 years ago that he had 2 years to live. he started eating healthier and eats 2 tbsp coconut oil every day, his MD suggested it (don't know why) and he swears its whats keeping him alive. I don't know about that.. but he sure loves it.

Tip: you can get it "whipped" as well, it comes in what looks like  a mayo jar in the whole foods or organic food section of the grocery store.. this form is a bit less greasy and works best as a moisturizer.

proud... proudmommie144


theva... thevanyablog

Just to make sure, coconut oil might be an excellent choice for your hair or body (for some people), but big No-No for your facial skin. Especially if your skin type is oily, sensitive, tight and acne prone, coconut oil is poisonous.

VANYA facial skin

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