What to Wear With Spring's Best Skirts

how to wear a skirt

Photo from Victoria's Secret

how to wear a skirt

Photo from Urban Outfitters

Springtime is skirt weather -- time to show off those legs. I guess I have to shave. Is it just me or do the skirts collect dust in your closet? Even though I have a few really cute ones, I never know what to wear with them. I found out from some of my friends who work in the fashion industry that skirts are one of the worst selling items in most clothing lines. I can see why. While pants and jeans are easy to pair with a top, sometimes skirts are a bit more tricky. So I put together some looks with different skirt styles to help us see this season's trends paired with tops.


The Casual Skirt

paper bag skirt

Photo from Wardrobe Project

  • Victoria Secret's Linen Slub Skirt ($29.50 on sale) just made my must-have list. Instead of sweats, you can throw this on with almost anything casual. Seen in the photo with a dolman sleeve top (top left), you can also wear with a t-shirt or tank top, and combine with flats, wedges, or sneakers. 

The High Waist Skirt

  • Urban Outfitter's Kimchi Blue Chambray Skirt ($68) is an update on the prairie skirt and features a high waist. Wear with a slim fit top tucked in (top right) or wear a longer tunic over the waist and add a belt above your hips, near where the first or second snap is on the skirt. Another skirt with a similar style is Wardrobe Project's Belted Paperbag High Waist Skirt ($28). The fabric is cinched at waist with a belt, making the material flair out above (above right) -- this look works best with a snug top tucked in.

Photo from Anthropologie

The Multi-Color Skirt

  • Anthropologie has perfectly put this outfit together (left) for spring and it shows that not everything has to be matchy-matchy to work. The beige, white, and gray in the Cafe Awning Skirt ($88) are neutral, making it easy to pair with an additional color. The soft lilac top chosen works perfect, as does the greenish gray jacket. The shoes are navy and it all ties together because no color is overwhelming and they all complement each other. 

Do you find that you don't wear skirts that much because they are hard to match with tops?

Which skirt look is your favorite?

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