I Heart Tribal Wood Earrings

tribal wood earrings

tribal wood earrings

There is a store called Swallow near my house that my sister and I love. Cafe Sheri, I think it would also be your favorite store! Filled with the works of local and international artisans -- from glass to pottery to jewelry and more -- it's one of those shops worth the visit even just to look at the new and beautiful things they offer. And over the weekend, Jen and I stopped in and saw these gorgeous tribal wood earrings. Must. Have. Now.


We were shocked when we saw that the prices started under $20! We both bought two pairs. While they appear that the thick wood goes through our ear lobes, it's an illusion -- there is a regular sized post that goes through your piercing. These are both in a dark brown wood, but they also had a blonde and a rich maple wood, with many different styles. Swallow doesn't sell online, so if you're not in the Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, area and like these, I found some similar earrings online.

  • Memekoko has quite a few different styles. I love the Galaxy and all are priced around $20.
  • Garuda Organic Jewelry's selection starts at $16. This style features a post that is like a mini toothpick. They had these at Swallow we were afraid we would loose the post...but we both bought a pair.
  • LumenVito on Etsy sells replacement posts for just $8 and they also sell pretty wood carved earrings. The Bull Skull and Big Buddha earrings are really neat. Prices start at $10 for earrings and if you spend $25 or more, you get a free pair of replacement posts!

Hmm...I might have to get another pair!

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