Salma Hayek's Beauty Secrets

Photo by Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton

courtesy of InStyle magazine

Excuse me while I take a moment and marvel at the woman at right -- Salma Hayek.

Besides being executive producer of Ugly Betty and a great actress (have you seen Frida?), she's mom to Valentina and is quite the humanitarian -- she has breastfed sick babies that weren't her own.

And she does it all while looking fabulous...yes, even with those Frida Kahlo eyebrows. So what's her secret?

InStyle magazine features Salma as April's covergirl and she shares tons of tidbits. Her number one beauty rule is to never go to bed without washing your matter how tired you are.

How many of us are guilty of that?

OK, hands down.

Salma also tells InStyle: "Black is what I wear the most, but I like boots in a dark brown or a wine color." She goes for plums when it comes to lipstick shades and browns and aubergines for eyeshadows.

When it comes to style rules, Salma is practical. "I follow them not because they're a rule, but because some of them make sense. Like you don't want to wear white to a wedding. You should let the bride be the one in white."

To read more of Salma's interview, you can check out the April issue of InStyle or read online about the superpower she wishes she had and the most surprising thing she learned about motherhood.

Like Salma, I wear black the most and I love dark brown boots.

Do you have anything in common with Salma?

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