JCPenney Says No to Fur

JCPenney no to fur

"My" raccoon

To say I love animals is a huge understatement. I even once fed a raccoon that appeared on the fire escape of my third floor apartment. I know. I know. Not the smartest thing. But get this: The raccoon appeared a week after my most beloved cat, Mr. Meow Meow, passed away after 15 years. I felt this fuzzy woodland creature appeared in my Brooklyn window as a sign. I felt so lucky to be able to watch him eat Meow's food. He stayed for about fifteen minutes, until he walked away, but not before looking back at me once more as if to say goodbye.

So how does this relate to JCPenney saying no to fur? Keep reading....


JCPenney had a bit of an issue a few years ago about how some of the items they sold had labels that read "raccoons" and some were actually from raccoon dogs. They rectified that situation and have now said no to fur altogether. The Humane Society applauded the retailer for their actions.  

Wearing fur is a super touchy topic. Some people think it's OK if it's a vintage coat passed down from their grandma; others won't wear it at all. Currently there are more than 130 major retailers that are fur-free and there seems to be more joining that group each year.

What do you think about JCPenney's new policy?

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