Could Brazilian Waxing Become Illegal?

at-home wax kit

Photo from Bliss

Waxing down there? Illegal? Say it ain't so. There's talk that legalizing marijuana would help the economy, but Brazilian waxing could be outlawed in New Jersey?

Do they realize how this would greatly change the look of the New Jersey shore?

Kidding aside, I need to know more. Will this ban spread to other parts of the country?


CafeMom LuvsDanika asked for opinions on this hairy situation.

OneToughMami said that what's probably happening is that are shops not licensed to do waxing that are doing it. She's right. And I'm sure there are also bad waxers out there. As a result people have complained (as they should have), one woman is sueing, and now The State Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling got involved. It turns out that waxing the genital area has always been illegal in The Garden State. 

Guess they like their garden to grow.

xxhazeldovexx said that the at-home kits can be a good alternative if it gets banned.

That may work for some women, like my friend who loves Bliss' Poetic Waxing Kit, but I can't wax myself. I tried. It was disastrous!

Do you wax at a salon? What if they banned waxing in your state?

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