Hair Color Touch-Up Pen: Extend Your Color

hair color pen

Photo from Sephora

Yo, yo, yo, so check this out. Oh sorry, I just sounded like Randy from American Idol. He usually starts his critiques with those words and I'm about to give my review of a new product. And yes, I'm a bit excited about tonight's Idol -- they're singing songs from the Grand Ole Opry! Give me some Hank Williams, Gram Parsons, a banjo, and something to help my hair not look like I am as old as some Opry singers, and I'm good to go.

Yes, there's a new hair color pen (or colore pen as Oscar Blandi calls it) that will keep the grays or roots at bay and help extend your last hair dye.


Anyone with stubborn grays or anyone who dyes their hair a different shade than their natural color knows how fast hair grows -- about a half an inch per month. So Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Pen ($23 from Sephora) could help extend the time to your next hair salon trip.

My hubs just got laid off and I'm the only one bringing home the bacon now, so I certainly can't be having a big ticket salon day just so my hair looks right anytime soon. I tried the Colore Pen and really like it -- it's really easy to use and has a hair dye-like consistency. It goes on wet, dries in minutes, looks natural, and it's even safe for pregnant women to use -- no peroxide or ammonia. It's also waterproof (in case you get caught in a drizzle), but washes out with shampoo.

Paint, dry, and go. I really like it!

Have you ever tried a hair color pen? Share your results!

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