America's Next Top Model Casting Goes Horribly Wrong

America's Next Top Model stampede casting

Photo from America's Next Top Model

Some people think I suffer for fashion -- I wear heels a lot. Yesterday when I was riding my bike to run errands in my neighborhood, a woman commented to her friend, "She's wearing heels and riding a bike!" They were rugged Frye boots that had a small chunky heel -- they were not "heels." Anyway, it works for me, so why was she concerned?

But did you hear about the stampede in NYC during the auditions of America's Next Top Model, the 5 foot 7 and under edition?

Some of these girls really suffered for fashion. It was fierce, but not in the way the word "fierce" is used by Tyra.  


Before I get into the chaos, I think it's really cool Tyra is going to do a show just for the shortys! You know, Kate Moss is supposedly 5 foot 6...and a half.

OK, back to the craziness. Headlines about the model mayhem offered information on everything from someone yelling "fire" to the sighting of an overheating car and a hopeful yelling "bomb." Yikes!

The New York Daily News reports that six people went to the hospital and three were arrested. Try-outs were halted and the women who spent hours trying to get into the audition were turned away when the melee broke out. They report that high heels and resumes were still strewn about the area a day later. Some are urging Tyra to give them another shot and to hold another audition in the New York-area.

I'm a fan of the show and I hope Tyra allows them to try-out.

What do you think of this fashion news? Are you a fan of the show?

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