Want Some Hair Inspiration? Check Out MopShots

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Here's my MopShot.

When I get a haircut, I look to the Victoria's Secret catalogue for inspiration (that's how they spell catalogue, I'm not trying to be extra fancy). Gisele, Adriana, Marisa, Alessandra -- you ladies have gorgeous locks. But I should know better -- stylists work on those models for hours.

I need attainable real life hair inspiration.

Like all good ideas, there's now a website for that.


MopShots features photos of women from all over the country and along with it is the info on what salon and stylist did the cut and/or color. How great is it that you can see results from a stylist before you get your hair done. Experts also give comments on the photo and some mention why the look works and tips you can take to your salon to achieve the style.

If my photo was on MopShots, it would say it was cut by Fumi and colored by Yelena at Salon de Quartier in Brooklyn, NY. Fumi has done my hair for years and though I've cheated on her a few times, I always go back because she's the best.

Check out the gorgeous color and long layered cut on this woman from Chicago. You can see the look from every angle and even if you're not in Chicago and want this look, you can print out and share with your stylist.

Love it!

OK, whose uploading their photos to MopShots?

And if you love your locks, share with us...what kind of hair cut do you have and where do you get your hair done?

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