How To Pronounce Tricky Designer Names

From Marchesa Fall 2008 collection

There are words that get me tongue tied. Recently on a road trip with my DH I read a road sign that said "Philosopher Street" but it came out of my mouth as "phil-oh-so-fur." I know the word, it just came out wrong. But it made for a good laugh...and we were lost so it thankfully lightened the mood.

In fashion, there are lots of words that I really don't want to say out loud because I'm not really sure how to say them. For instance, I was loving dresses by Marchesa, but never heard anyone say the label out loud. My first thought was to say mar-chezz-ah, but it's mar-kay-zaah. The dress pictured is from the Fall collection. Jessica Alba wore it on the red carpet. Love it!

So how do you pronounce the fashion elite like Issey Miyake, Givenchy, and Proenza Schouler?

Advertisement has a great article that will help you properly pronounce these designers and more.

By the's eee-say mee-yah-kay, jee-von-shay, and pro-en-za skool-er.

What a mouthful!

Do you have any funny stories about mispronouncing words? I am a phil-oh-so-fur after all! Should we even open up the debate about nu-clee-er and nu-kyuh-ler?

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