How to Avoid Bikini Line Razor Burn

how to avoid bikini line razor burnDo you shave your bikini line? I almost never do -- I wax. But I wouldn't dare wax myself...again. I tried it once and it was the most horrible experience. I should have known -- I can't even rip a Band-Aid off myself, what made me think I could pull off a strip of dried wax from one of my most sensitive areas?!

In the interest of saving money, I decided to shave instead. Um. Not so cute. Aside from the stubble in one day (hey, I'm part Span-talian and hairy), I got a wicked case of razor burn.

According to my poll on what CafeMoms do with the hair down there, 69 percent shave. So how to do you keep those unsightly bumps at bay?

CafeMom Jmum gave me the scoop.


She told me that she recently posted a question about what she could use to shave her bikini area without suffering through horrible razor burn afterwards. She got some cost-effective answers.

  • First, use conditioner as shaving cream. Some women said any old kind, some said the thick stuff that comes in a tub. Carol's Daughter has a great creamy hair conditioner called Some of Marguerite's Magic that might do the trick.
  • Second, after you get out of the tub or shower, apply either diaper rash cream or deodorant (not the gel kind, but any other stick will do) to the shaved area.

I like how you are putting products you already use to other uses. The less I have to buy, the more I save. Jmum admits that she hasn't tried this yet (she's still recovering from her last bout of bushwhacking), but will try it the next time.

Have you ever tried this method? If you shave your bikini line, how do you avoid razor bumps?

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