Cheap vs. Designer: Can You Spot the Bargain?

cheap bersus designer

Photo courtesy of Elle magazine

I can't tell you how many times I've worn a $15 top from Necessary Clothing only to have some of my fashionista friends ask me where I got it. "Necessary" is a super cheap NYC store that you have to have patience to shop in to weed through the cheesy stuff. When I tell my friends Necessary, they can't believe it. I'm a firm believer it's not the label, it's how you wear it.

Designer clothes get knocked-off all the time and while that isn't good news for those designers, it's great news for those of us on a budget (and don't care about labels).

Think you can tell the expensive items from a bargain?


Elle magazine's fashion blog has a fun game put together by their Creative Director Joe Zee called Fashion Foolery.

Take a look at the items above.

The Summer Dress: Which is designer and which is an inexpensive imitation?

The Trench Coat: One is $1,295 and the other is $25!

The Printed Jumpsuit: One is about 10 times more expensive than the other.

Want to know the answers?

  • The Summer Dress on the left is $3,300; the one on right is $178.
  • The Trench Coat on the right is just $25; the one on left is $1,295.
  • The Printed Jumpsuit on the left is $2,915; the one on the right is $184.

Want to play some more? Check out Elle's Fashion Foolery feature for four more pieces of clothing that face-off against each other in price. There's even a leather jacket for $16,485 and I think the less expensive one is cuter!

Let me know how well you did...and which is your favorite item!

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