Do You Crochet? I Want to Learn!

crochet leg warmers

Photo from Free People

It's National Crochet Month. The perfect mix of little girl and little old lady, crochet is super feminine and always pretty. I have the most adorable crochet poncho from the 70s that I bought for under $7 at a vintage shop -- it's my spring and fall staple.

And check out these super cute Crochet Flower Legwarmers ($38) from Free People. Cafe Sheri and I love them!

I wish I knew how to crochet so I can make them myself.

Hmm...maybe I can learn!

I've always found Chronicle Books to have really informative how-tos with simple instructions. I did learn how to embroider from them. The book Cozy Crochet Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Crochet Projects by Melissa Leapman ($22.95) has all I would need to get started. Might be worth the investment.

how to crochet

Photo from Chronicle Books

Maybe there is a class in my neighborhood that I can take. I'm going to look into that. Not that I have the time, but if I can make those legwarmers it might be worth it.

Do you know how to crochet? How did you learn?

Can you recommend any books?

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Momma... MommaTasha1003

I have been TRYING to learn to crochet on my own using Youtube & books but its very slow! I picked up yarn & hook about 6mo. ago & play when I have time & patience. So far I know how to make a chain & 1 line of single stitch but it will probley take another month to learn how to turn it around correctly & go back across... UGH!

I want my Granny!! She knew how to crochet!

monke... monkeyberry

Read the book The Happy Hooker.  It is great!

lilacs45 lilacs45

I always wanted to learn to you I had one big long chain that you could fish off the golden gate bridge with!!!  Finally I told a friend of mine who crochets that I wanted to learn....It ended up that 6 of us....3 who know how, and 3 novices like me...we meet once a week and the ones that know how are patiently teaching us the stitches  and we all try and help each other as we go along.  The up side is that we have formed a great friendship that ranges a 49 year span!  We laugh an awful lot.  The down side for me is...I still cannot read a pattern to save my soul.  I have to learn by watching.  I don't know what age group you are, but if you have children in school, perhaps you could ask aroung through other mothers if anyone knows how and start up your own group.  Just don;t buy expensive or fancy yarns to start with....Red Heart is a good brand to start with as it is the most forgiving.  Good luck, and let us know if you have any luck.  Also, I would shy away from those fancy socks till you get the basics down!

angel... angelz4u39

my mom taught me how to do it Im almost done making a baby blanket but I would love to learn how to make them leg warmers LOL :)

PureSoul PureSoul

My mother taught me when I was about 8 I guess. I am not a expert but I can make a blanket, and a poncho. However I cant read the books I am so lost at what in the world they are saying; so I just stick to what I know since I learned by touch

asaffell asaffell

I learned from Youtube videos and just picking up a hook, some yarn, and a pattern. It's not too difficult. I did the same for knitting.

michi... michiganmom116

I have crocheted for years and I learned on my own by picking up a how to book and by trial and error.  Since I found YouTube I have learned more stitches and improved my technique.

fawn321 fawn321

I just bought a book three weeks ago at wal mart called "I taught myself to crochet".  Three weeks later, I have just finished my first project, a purse.  Plus there are so many tutorials on the net.   There are still some tequenics haven't learned yet, but I have all the basic stitches down pretty good.  Good luck

pamka... pamkay414

I have been crocheting since I was about 7 and was taught by my grandmother.  She taught me double and single crochet and granny squares.  When I was about 25 I taught myself how to read a pattern.  I can crochet anything now but haven't crocheted for a long time but want to get back to it soon.  I taught my daughter at about the same age I was taught. 

If you have a craft store like Michaels or AC Moore they have classes. 


Ameri... AmericanChild82

I learned from my grandma. I'm working on a baby blanket right now. I can't read a design to save my behind but I learn quickly by watching if gram is showing me new things. I love it, its very relaxing and I'm starting to teach my 8 year old.

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