crochet leg warmers

Photo from Free People

It's National Crochet Month. The perfect mix of little girl and little old lady, crochet is super feminine and always pretty. I have the most adorable crochet poncho from the 70s that I bought for under $7 at a vintage shop -- it's my spring and fall staple.

And check out these super cute Crochet Flower Legwarmers ($38) from Free People. Cafe Sheri and I love them!

I wish I knew how to crochet so I can make them myself.

Hmm...maybe I can learn!

I've always found Chronicle Books to have really informative how-tos with simple instructions. I did learn how to embroider from them. The book Cozy Crochet Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Crochet Projects by Melissa Leapman ($22.95) has all I would need to get started. Might be worth the investment.

how to crochet

Photo from Chronicle Books

Maybe there is a class in my neighborhood that I can take. I'm going to look into that. Not that I have the time, but if I can make those legwarmers it might be worth it.

Do you know how to crochet? How did you learn?

Can you recommend any books?