Is This the Wrinkle Cure We've Been Looking For?

RezVWrinkles sminkles -- I'd rather call them laugh lines and the more I have, the better my life must be, right? But what if, in ten years, I have a lot of wrinkles. Maybe I'd be interested in a miracle cure.

Have you seen the ads all over the web showing a picture of a woman with wrinkles next to another photo of her with hardly any proclaiming "I look 15 years younger after using these free products!" Cafe Cynthia and I have and we're curious. Free? Wrinkle cure? Could it be so?


Dermapril-SPThe woman in the ad, Susan Reynolds, has a blog that is part of a bigger site that sells all kinds of anti-wrinkle potions. I'm not sure if the company found her after she used two of their products to find this miracle cure or if she is part of their marketing strategy.

Susan says she is a 40-something mom from NYC who used RezV and Dermapril-SP together to get these miraculous results. She also shares that she first found out about the products on ABC News.

RezV is a pill derived from resveratrol, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant found in red wine. Did you catch that bit on 60 Minutes about how red wine helps prolong life? Well this has the same main ingredient. 

Dermapril-SP works by increasing our natural youth serum of collagen, fibronectin, and hyaluronic acid, which the body stops producing as we age.

Susan used them together and saw results within two weeks.

What do you think of this wrinkle cure? Have you ever tried it? Would you?

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