Bye Bye Blemish: What Zit Goo Works for You?

Bye Bye Blemish acne

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Sometimes I call them pimps -- those unsightly zits that pop up when I'm pre-menstrual (or at unexplained times) -- and they can sure ruin a day. The medicine that I dab on those pimps is called zit goo in my house. At night, I use Proactiv's Refining Mask (I bought it at a mall kiosk for $8), a stinky but effective sulfur treatment I dab on before bed (so attractive to my hubs). During the day I use B. Kamins Medicated Acne Gel ($28). I's expensive!

But I'm all ears about what works for others.

CafeMom nikkib_3687 wrote about testing Bye Bye Blemish Drying Lotion in the All About Hair And Makeup Group and here are her results....


This zit goo was one of those as-seen-on-TV products that is supposedly loved by celebrities. It's pink, like Calamine lotion as Nikki points out, and she said Bye Bye Blemish worked well, reducing her pimps in size and redness in just five hours. sells it for $9.95 -- it might be worth a shot.

Last year, when I asked moms what they used to combat acne, Pna1Dra6on said she uses a combo of Biore and Neutrogena products. And in the Answers section, LATAINA4 said that Arbonne Clear Advantage worked for her.

When you have a pimple, what do you dab on it to make it go away?

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