Put a Little Spring Into Your Hair

Want this hairstyle?

I'll tell you how!

Hi! It's Brittny, doing a guest post for CafeMicheleZ.

If you're like me, during the cold winter months, I have tendency to get into a styling rut. I have a lack of motivation to fix my hair (it's just going to get messed up from wearing my winter hat anyways), or putting a lot of thought into my wardrobe selection (it's going to be covered up with a coat!). However, my friends over at Insitu Salon in NYC showed me the first signs of spring -- a new hairstyle.


The above pictures are taken immediately after, in the salon. OK, I know what you're thinking...as soon as you get out of the salon your hair always look great. But I'm telling you, this look held all through the night and withstood a wardrobe change (check out the photo below for proof)! Talented stylist Mune Tran even gave me tips on how to create this same look at home which, is surprisingly, fairly simple.

1. First, shampoo and condition your hair lightly. When you apply the product, always start at the bottom. Tons of people focus on the top part of their head (I admit, I do), but that just causes it to look greasy. So, really get the ends of your hair, ladies!

2. Rinse well and towel dry as much of the moisture out as you can. Mix a small amount of mousse throughout, and if your hair is especially dry (like mine is in the winter) add a tad of hair moisturizer to the ends.

3. The next step is key -- make sure you get your hairline straight before it dries. This will give it a finished look. If it dries before you can get to it, re-wet it with a spray bottle.

4. Next, section your hair into four parts: your crown, one on each side, and then the back. Depending on how much hair you have, you may need two sections in the back (I did). Dry each section using a large- or medium-sized bristle brush, curling it as you dry, away from your face.

5. Once it's dry, it will begin to curl naturally around the brush. Take the curl and wrap it around your fingers, shoot it with heat on the underside of the curl and quickly pin it using any kind of hair clip. The secret is doing this when the hair is still warm. As it cools, the cuticles will seal as it's curled, which will help you maintain those beautiful waves throughout the day.

6. Once it's cool to the touch, take the pins out. Shake it out a bit, but do not brush. Lightly spray it with hairspray, and voila! You're ready to hit the town!

Four hours and a wardrobe change later!

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