Lipstick You Can Eat

lip gloss you can eat

Photo of Lip Polish from Green By Nature

Lipstick , lip gloss, or lip chap aren't things I want to eat. Wait...apparently we already eat it. Yep. Women injest about four pounds of it in a lifetime. Whoa. If you watched The Biggest Loser the other night, you know how yucky four pounds of goop looks sitting in a bowl. 

My friend Brianne, over at Ideal Bite, turned me on to a company that sells chemical free lip stuff, so ladies who are addicted (like me) can eat those four pounds and not worry about it so much. She also told me that there's a Lip Balm Anonymous. Hello, my name is Michele and I am an addict.


Green By Nature's products are are "free of hormone-disrupting phthalates and potentially cancer-causing parabens," which is great because I certainly don't need any of that in my body. 

  • Lip Butter ($2.99) keeps lips soft and comes in many flavors, including banana and lemon.
  • Lip Polish ($3.99) is infused with mint, so it freshens your breath, while adding a hint of color to your kisser.
  • Lip Glaze ($4.99) also gives a hint of mint for good breath and comes in yummy flavors like cherry and strawberry.

And you won't have to worry if you lick it all off. The Lip Butter would be great for kids, too!

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