Would You Wear Hair Extensions?

Jessica Simpson hair extensions

Photo from HairDo

Jessica Simpson hair extensions

Photo from HairDo














Quite a few years ago, when I was single, I was out with some girl friends dancing in this little club and some guy started dancing with us. I don't like dancing with strangers. I was nice though and when the song finished I smiled and left the dancefloor. He followed, chatted me up a bit about I don't remember what, but then asked me if I was wearing hair extensions. Cue the record skip!

I wasn't, but for some reason it made me offended. Besides, who asks that? Here's the best part...when I told him no he didn't believe me and pulled on my hair. Crazy, right? 

Cut to some years later, I was working for a beauty website, and what arrives in the mail? Jessica Simpson's HairDo clip-in hair extensions. They were long, wavy, and blondish brown. Since I have dark hair, my co-worker Brianne, who had light brown short hair, tried them on. The extensions looked adorable and were so easy to clip in.

Must. Have. Now. So I went to Ricky's NYC and bought some that matched my hair. My locks were already long, but what I loved about these is that it made my hair fuller. I wore the extensions to a wedding and it helped me create a cool half-up/half-down hair do. For me, it's not for the everyday -- this clip-in is all one piece and can be heavy or too much on those with thick hair. Then I discovered POP: Put On Pieces that come in strands, so you can clip in where you need or want a little extra volume. I love these and wear them for once in a while for a little extra something!

Some CafeMoms in the All About Hair And Makeup Group think that clip-in extensions are better for your hair (and your wallet). tpflint419 said she found clip-ins for as low as $1.99 for a pack of three at her local beauty supply store.

Have you ever tried hair extensions? Do you prefer the clip-in kind?

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mamak57 mamak57

well I wore a hairpice back in the 70s when i wanted to have a upswept look to my hair style. If I didn't think they would give me a head ache and I needed them for effect ,yeah, I would wear them.

In the 12 century the ladies used the hair from horse tails to make their long long braids

Lumin... LuminousMom

I own the Jess Simpson extensions- the ones you have pictured.. the 21" wavy.. and I LOVE them. I wore them for a friends wedding, nobody knew it wasnt my own hair.. but everyone complimented me on how pretty my hair was!

ajdv ajdv

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smile... smiles821

Me personally, I don't like extensions. My hair is down  to my lower back. I really don't have a need for them. My hair is very thick. I get it pressed and curled. By me being afircan american I get alot of people saying that I have weave when I don't.

merce... mercedeslazich

I love clip-in extensions because they give you the freedom to care for "just your hair" without extensions that are always there on your head and you can walk out the door looking gorgeous any day.  It literally takes minutes to fix your hair.  I personally like the Balmain Paris hairXpression clip-ons by skinbeautyca.com because they are very high quality and last long.  They also fit nicer against the head and that makes a big difference after hours of wearing them. 

nonmember avatar Amy

Havent yet. Planning to get one set of extensions very soon.

mamac... mamacita69930

I did when I hated the way my hair was cut. Now that my hair is long , I like putting some extension for a pony tail. I love it and the remy 70 dollars type are real hair. Not the funky kind from the drugstore that looks like a doll's hair.

vamom08 vamom08

Hi ladies!!! if anyone plans on glueing the weave be careful because the glue can leak in your natural hair and its hard to get out. I wear my hair natural now after the glue took my hair out my regular hair underneath the cap was itching so bad so I took a comb and poked a whole threw the cap and the glue leaked in my hair so me and weaves don't get alone. I would try a sew in one day but not right now and know u don't have to poke a hole in it to leak threw I have had times when it just leaked out.

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