Keep Skin Clear In Times of Stress: Tips from a Facialist

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I went to see my esthetician last week. I was long overdue for a facial, but who can afford this kind of stuff anymore? Jan, my facialist, got laid off earlier this year when the spa she was working at went out of business. But lucky for me, she offers facials at her home for certain clients and charges less than half. Thanks, Jan!

I had to ask Jan not to yell at me for the mess I made out of my skin. I pick. I know. It's bad. Stress makes me pick more. I've been picking a lot. Jan has similar skin to me -- oily and dry, sensitive with acne. And she says she's seeing an increase of pimples on all of her clients. Damn recession is bad for our skin, too. She knows how bad the economy is -- she's been living it -- and she reminded me of some things I can do at home to keep my skin looking good.

  • Always wash your face in the morning and before bed. Be as strict with yourself about it as you are with your kids brushing their teeth.
  • Don't use a hand or body towel to dry your face after washing. The bacteria on these towels can cause breakouts. Use unscented tissues to blot face dry.
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking water. Try to avoid too much caffeine and soda.
  • In times of stress, we often reach for the chocolates. Try not to overindulge. What you put in your body, can show up on the surface. Too many junk foods and sweets can cause breakouts.
  • If you do have a breakout, don't pick or pop blemishes. Aggravating the blemish with your fingers can cause pimples to spread to the surrounding area. I can attest to this happening.

Also check out these great homemade beauty recipes from KnoxvilleDoula. There's an oatmeal face mask that's great to reduce oil and an apple recipe that zaps zits. 

Do you have any other tips to add on how to keep skin clear on a budget?

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