Beauty Product Portion Control: Use Less, Save More

recession guidebeauty portion controlI use a lot of beauty gels, creams, and lotions. And I read in Real Simple magazine that the average person spends $588 a year on personal care products. So I probably spend more than that. Eek!

My sister has to use even more than me. After Jen takes a shower, there's suds everywhere -- walls, ceiling, shower curtain. My mom and I would joke that she is the cleanest person around. 

But did you know that you really only need a small serving of product to get the job done? Using less will save you money, and you'll still get clean. I promise. Check out the proper portions.....

  • See this slab: -------------- That's how much toothpaste you should use.
  • Take out a quarter. That's how much shampoo you should use.
  • Check out a nickle: That's the amount of conditioner you should use.
  • Look at a dime: That's how much face moisturizer you should use.

Sure, there may be some cases where a little more is needed (like for people who have really long hair), but generally this is a good rule to follow.

Must re-program myself -- I use way too much product.

Have you been using too much product? And how much do you think you spend on beauty products a year?

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