Techno Bra Can Save Your Life

Techno Bra

Note: This is just a regular bra.

Bras help us keep "the girls" in check -- they lift, minimize, and boost up -- but the Techno Bra can call the cops. Huh?

I read about this intriguing invention in The CafeMom Newcomers Group in a post by KyliesMom434 asking if anyone else had heard of the bra with technology that could save your life. She first saw it on Ripley's Believe It or Not.


According to Wired magazine, British engineer student, Kursty Groves, created the Techno Bra as part of her Master's program. What it does is monitor the wearer's heart rate, and if it goes up above normal, it transmits a signal to the authorities that also tells location by GPS. It was originally designed to call the police if the wearer was attacked, but this could be a great monitor for women with heart trouble.

The wires are embedded in thin gel-like padding within the bra and the designer says it's even thinner than some padded bras out there. I believe that! The monitoring device can be easily removed so bra can be washed.

The Wired article first appeared in 1999, and after a quick search, I haven't yet found the bra to be available.

What do you think of the Techno Bra?

Should they hurry up and make it available to the public? Or do you think this is going to go the way of the male birth control pill?

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