Michelle Obama: Right to Bare Arms?

Michelle Obama sleeveless

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At President Obama's first address to the joint session of Congress, First Lady Michelle Obama looked very elegant in an eggplant dress. I was so glad to see that she hadn't cut her hair -- there were rumors that she had.

I'll admit, I was a little taken aback about how modern the dress was for an event like this just because of what I was used to seeing in the past -- but it was refreshing.


She's a young mom of two school-aged daughters and is First Lady of America in 2009. She doesn't have to dress frumpy.

CafeMom spicymama.sc posted an article from USA Today in The CafeMom Newcomers Group about the sleeveless outfits Michelle has been wearing. She wondered if others thought it was appropriate.

According to the article in USA Today:

  • 40 percent said yes, she's a modern first lady.
  • 11 percent said no, it seems too informal.
  • 49 percent said who cares? It's her decision.

Some of you weighed in and I love WhiteTigerLily's response best: They're arms not boobs!

What do you think? Is a sleeveless outfit inappropriate for the First Lady?


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*Note: Bear arms was originally written as title. Now Michelle Obama has bare arms, not bear arms, which is a good thing or Barack would be in trouble. My mistake.

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