Makeover Mom: Going from Long Hair to Short

makeover long to short

Photo by lilSouthernMom2


Some long haired mamas would never cut their hair; others want to but are too afraid of the change.

That's why we play around with virtual makeovers -- so we can envision what we would look like with a different style.

CafeMom lilSouthernMom2 wanted a change and so she got about nine inches cut off.

She shared her before and after photos in the All About Hair And Makeup Group and she says even though she loves long hair, she felt her hair was too thin to be so long. It's still long-ish and seems to have great movement. She looks great both ways, but check out her makeover.


Super pretty!

makeover long to shortmakeover long to shortAlso check out CafeMom sherenan who added layers to her all one length locks.

I love seeing beauty transformations on moms in our community.

Are you thinking about a makeover?

What's the shortest you ever had your hair?

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