Show Me Your Makeup Collection

makeup collectionWhen mom2kaitlyn asked moms in the All About Hair And Makeup Group to show off their makeup collection, she took the lead and shared these great photos.

I see some Almay in there -- I love that line and swear by their liquid liner. Guess what her three favorite products are?


favorite makeup products

She loves:

  • Everyday Minerals in light olive, semi matte foundation
  • Avon Glazewear Liquid Lip Color in blushing
  • Maybelline Waterproof Ultra Liner in dark brown

She also added in her favorite tool: Etude House foundation brush (which she uses with Everyday Minerals). Oh and how cool is it that she put all the products together for this feature?

This post has got to be one of my favorites! CafeMoms shared photos of their makeup collection in the comments. kalio showed a photo of some really pretty bottles of perfume and RaulitosMommy has all her makeup in a super organized caboodle. I want one. I also really loved watching the video jazmines_mommy posted giving us a tour of her makeup stash! You can check out all the makeup collections here.

What's your top three favorite makeup products? And be honest, are you as organized as some of these ladies?

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