The Best Stay Put Eyeliner


Photo from Hello Gorgeous

I remember my early days in high school and the older girls would be in the bathroom with their red pencil eyeliner, burning the tips with a lighter, and then smudging the black around their eyes. Those days are hazy with hairspray and mega-perms, but some women still do that with their eyeliner. I was reminded when I read about chakerilynns' question in the All About Hair And Makeup Group asking for a good stay put eyeliner.


My hands-down favorite pencil liner for under my eye is Prestige Automatic Eyeliner ($3.95) from Hello Gorgeous. Once while applying makeup together, my friend Marisa (who is a makeup artist) squealed when she saw I used Prestige. That's my favorite! she told me. I love the midnight blue shade and you can also buy it in drugstores.

For my eyelids, I am a liquid liner girl all the way. Years and years ago my mom turned me on to Almay Liquid Eyeliner ($7.49) from Walgreens and I haven't looked back since. It really lasts a long time...and I even have oily skin.

jenniferlee_12, doownosyla, and mlomax07 all love Mary Kay eyeliner.

Here are tips to help eyeliners last longer:

  • After applying either pencil or liquid, I lightly dab on an eyeshadow in same color over the liner. It helps set the color.
  • jrdnjstn00 loves Stila liner, but she also dabs on baby powder to help make it last longer.
  • babyhendrix11 prefers liquid liner, but she puts on a primer first to help the eyeliner and shadow last all day.
  • Check out more tips on making eyeshadow stay put here and see the suggestions on great bases and primers that work well for liner, too.

What's your favorite stay put eyeliner? Have any more tips to share?

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