The Cure for Split Ends

split ends

Photo by kevinsgirl

No split ends here!

Whenever I get my hair cut, I tell the stylist to trim as little as possible from the length. She usually holds up about an inch and I ask, "Can you do a little less?"

Split ends are the reason she wants to cut more. Can't I have the length I want and no split ends?

CafeMom MelaniesMama has the same problem.


She says that even though she gets a trim every six to eight weeks, and hardly ever uses damaging tools, she still has split ends.

lovingmynewlife suggests using a hot oil or a leave-in deep conditioning treatment once a week.

pammyhorner uses cholesterol conditioner once or twice a week. Her technique: she saturates hair with product, puts a shower cap over it, and leaves it on for about an hour, then rinses with cold water. She says she really sees and feels a difference in the ends. My friend loves Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream, but there are others sold in drugstores.

RJSMOMMA uses Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. I love the way this product smells! Sort of like grape Dimetapp!

And you can always make a homemade deep conditioning treatment with bananas.

What do you use to keep split ends away?

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