The Great Skinny Jean Debate

skinny jeans

Photo from Shopbop

Skinny jeans. I was scared of them when I started hearing the term being thrown around a few years ago I thought, Great, another thing I cannot wear. I've had issues fitting into cool jeans because my booty is bootylicious and I have a small waist. And don't get me started on my calves. Ugh.

So hearing about skinny jeans just made me think that they probably won't fit beyond my calves and if they got that far, they certainly won't fit my thighs. But I was wrong!


My favorite "I love to look, but it's so expensive to buy" website, Shopbop, says it best:

Skinny jeans are cut slim; they aren't baggy and they are fitted and tapered down to the ankle. Kind of like cigarette pants.

I've even heard them being called ice-cream cone pants because they get smaller at the bottom. And you can eat an ice-cream cone and have your skinny jeans, too. Best fit: get ones with stretch. These work well if you want to tuck your jeans into your boots.

Anyone who likes to wear tight jeans can wear them -- they come in all sizes and sold in all kinds of stores. Mom jeans, of all kinds, can be cool.

But CafeMoms are split on skinny jeans. Some love, some think they should have stayed in the 80s.

angel_caramel wears them, and she says she's full figured -- she likes the way they lift her butt.

NovemberLove says: There are "full figured" women that can pull skinny jeans off. It just depends on their particular body shape.

Sure, they don't look good on every body type or aren't every one's style, but they aren't just for skinny people.

Do you wear skinny jeans?

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